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Our Story


To be the preeminent short term rental management and design company serving the city of Colorado Springs by offering superlative guest experiences and owner satisfaction.


Short term renting is a relatively new idea. The concept is in its infancy and the industry is still trying to find its place. For those unfamiliar with this business, navigating this frontier can seem daunting. Wander was created to alleviate that burden. We started this company with these principles.

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Co-Founders and Managing Partners

The seed that would become Wander began back in 2012. Chief Operating Officer and Wander Co-Founder, Austin William Davidson had recently been honorably discharged from the U.S. Army JAG Corps and was finishing his degree at Denver University. The Great Recession was in full swing and the housing market still in disarray. Austin and his then-wife had purchased their house in 2007, right before the market crash of 2008. By 2012, divorced and attending college full-time, Austin was struggling to cover his mortgage payments. Recognizing the very real prospect of joining the 3.8 million homeowners that lost their homes to foreclosure during that time, Austin decided instead to utilize his background in interior design and redesign his house into a guest-friendly and inviting space, joining the short term vacation rental (STVR) market through the hosting platform

Like all new hosts, Austin’s journey was filled with learning experiences and a lot of hard work. However, his eye-for-design, impeccable cleanliness, and attention to detail quickly set his property apart. Despite being owner occupied and not having the best location, his property, reviews, and incredible design propelled his listing and revenue forward. Meanwhile, the housing market recovered and then soared. Initially, Austin used his STVR as a secondary source of income while he worked as an intellectual property litigation paralegal and SFX makeup and prop designer for various Hollywood productions. However, as the market recovered and bookings soared, Austin turned his attention toward running his STVR full-time.

Austin met Wander co-founder and CEO, KeKila Keuma, while attending a military school in 2006. They forged a fast and deep friendship that has lasted well beyond the completion of both their military services. Kila recognized Austin’s interior design prowess and knowledge of the STVR market could be used to start a STVR management and design company.

Before embarking on that voyage, Kila and Austin decided to run a test model using Kila’s investment property; at the time, it was operating as a traditional long-term rental. Kila and Austin worked together to remodel and redesign the property working within a strict budget and timeline. The end result was an overwhelming success: Mandala Manor is now one of the most popular and highly reviewed STVRs in Colorado Springs. Kila was able to significantly increase his earnings operating the property as a STVR. The property proved an even greater triumph than initial forecasts suggested. Occupancy and revenue rates significantly exceeded earlier estimates despite travel upheaval and stay at home orders brought about as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Armed with their taste of success, a proven track record, more than 400 5-star reviews, 10 years of combined experience as STVR hosts, and a vision for the future, Kila and Austin founded Wander in 2020. Their goal? Making it easy and profitable for investors and property owners to own and operate world class, extremely lucrative, turn-key style vacation rental properties without all the hassle and worry.

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