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The Wander Philosophy

Wander offers premium interior design services that can make your property stand out.

Short term rentals have changed since its inception. In the beginning, STR’s were a novel way to earn extra money for home owners with room to spare; as time passed, people realized the lucrative potential of the idea and trendy investment properties started to be appear on the market. These fashionably decorated properties performed well and would soon form the majority of the available STRs.

Now, having a trending design inside a short term rental is required and doesn’t even set the property apart, in fact it makes them all start to blend together; an inevitability when furniture and decor are purchased from large chain stores. To stand out, a property needs something more. A short term rental needs to be unique.

Our philosophy is to design uniquely properties that are timeless. Trends come and go, and trying to keep up with the current market fashion can be expensive or leave a property behind the curve. We design our properties to forego that endless race and stand out, regardless of the market conditions.


The Process and Scope

The first step is a conversation. Every home, every client, every budget and every goal is unique. Because of this, a boilerplate contract with fillable spaces doesn’t work. That is why this first step is the most crucial, for us and our clients. This conversation is where we come to understand the needs and desires of our clients.

After our conversation, we take time to research, formulate ideas, and compile decor themes that meet your needs while simultaneously establishing your home with a unique distinction.

The next step is another meeting where we present our ideas to you and ensure that your needs and expectations have been met.

With an approved plan, we begin the process of designing your home by removing any current items, sourcing furnishings, making orders/purchases, arranging contractors, and staging items. This is the longest and most invasive part of the process as it involves us and any required contractors to be on site.

Once a property is finished, we schedule a photographer and a videographer to capture your home’s new interior.



$1.50 / sq. ft. – $35 / sq. ft.

Just as every work of interior design is unique, there is no singular price that is going to adequately and fairly cover the cost. The range of $1.50 / sq. ft. to $35 / sq. ft. is large, but so are the needs of clients and the conditions of homes.

Some homes require minimal finishing touches such as art for the walls or decorative items in order to be competitive in the market. Homes like this would be quoted at the $1.50 / sq. ft. rate.

Other homes may require serious renovation such as new floors, paint, fixtures, general repair, and decor. A home requiring this amount of work would have a higher rate.

Clients that desire to a truly unique and distinguished short term rental that may require renovation would have a rate from $20 / sq. ft. and up.

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