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We offer a consultation service that answers the questions for those whom are considering turning their home or investment property into a short-term vacation rental. There are a lot on factors that go into running a successful short-term rental and with over a decade of experience in this industry, we’ve figured out most of the finer points. We’re confident that we can answer your questions.

This consultation service is FREE for those on the front range. We offer this freely because most of the answers to your questions can be answered for free on the internet. However, finding those answers takes time. Time to track down the right forum posts, time to read the blogs and time to watch the YouTube videos. We can save you that time and, we also admit, this gives us the chance to convince you to use our services.

Investment Consulting

Colorado Springs is an amazing city. If you live here, you know that. So we probably don’t have to convince you why it’s smart to invest in another property here in the Springs. However, if you don’t know what this great city has to offer, let us show you.

Colorado Springs Rankings

Colorado Springs Attractions

The most common way owners have entered the short term rental market is too have taken property they already own and refitting them for the purpose of short term renting. This has been successful for many people and it will continue to be successful. For those investors looking for an extra edge, purchasing a property with the intention of it becoming a short term rental from the onset not only provides an advantage but also makes the process of design and decor much easier.

Wander offers investment consulting to help investors find the right property to expand their portfolios.

We work with the top realtor and contractor in the area to locate and renovate your short term rental. This is a laborious process and we don’t charge a monetary fee for our investment consultation, however in compensation for our time and efforts we do require a management commitment once the property is purchased and decorated.

If you are interested in learning more, contact us so we can further discuss this investment opportunity and send you our confidential investment proposal.

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